Tutu Luxury Rentals

Who we are

TUTU Luxury rentals is an executive-class automotive transportation service and solution. Servicing Ghana and neighboring West African countries. The company offers refined travel experiences powered by top flagship SUVs and driven by tailored trained skilled professionals.

About Us

At Tutu, our mission is making the most of your time. We offer some of the very best luxury services to make your adventures more exciting, memorable and enjoyable than ever before. For business, tourism or leisure purposes, we provide a tailored experience to offer you a level of luxury that far exceeds expectations.

Tutu Luxury combines modern and stylish vehicles with experienced chauffeurs that have the most prestigious and verified background check. Tutu Luxury offers a high quality service which combines the professionalism, reliability and passion of its employees.

Ensuring the most stress-free and luxurious travel experience, Tutu Luxury is proud to offer individualized service as well as customized packages.

Our services range from airport transfers to chauffeur-driven limousine services for events and weddings, business and tourism.

Why the Name

The name Tutu derives from the rich African heritage expressed through Ghanaian culture. Being that Ghana has had royals bearing this surname, we decided that it was the perfect depiction of the feeling our clients will have when they experience our brand: Royal. The pronunciation of TUTU, (Tutu), is a spin-off of its phonetic sound but simply means we take our customers from one start point to their destination all while maintaining a theme of royalty and comfort.


A car ride experience you can’t have just once.
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