Tutu Luxury Rentals


Why the Name

The name Tutu derives from the rich African heritage expressed through Ghanaian culture. Being that Ghana has had royals bearing this surname, we decided that it was the perfect depiction of the feeling our clients will have when they experience our brand: Royal. The pronunciation of TUTU, (To to), is a spin-off of its phonetic sound but simply means we take our customers from one start point to their destination all while maintaining a theme of royalty and comfort.


Airport pickup

At Tutu Luxury, we are a premier chauffeur service. We offer on-time service and immediate response to every airport need.

Accra Rental

Your comfort is a top priority. That's why we offer chauffeured car rentals within Accra. We deliver the exact make and model of the car you desire straight to you. All for a fair price, too!

Outside Accra Rental

Now you can rent a luxurious car to make that special trip even more pleasurable; call us and we will get you on the road.

International Rental

We attend to our customers' every need with a simple phone call. Whether you are looking for international renting or luxury car services, they make everything seamless and efficient.